Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Smart Shopping: Scan UPC Barcodes on Your Blackberry with Edocrab (Beta)

I got the chance to play with the Edocrab barcode reader for Blackberry today and I have to say - it's REALLY awesome. The process is simple - you use your Blackberry's camera to snap a photo of a UPC barcode and the application instantly searches for a product description, reviews, and prices. Edocrab (which is 'barcode' spelled backwards) is definitely a great shopping companion and research tool. It is ideal in situations when you are unsure if you could find a better deal elsewhere or if the product is even worth buying at all. However, if you're buying a lot of items in one trip, the application is probably too time consuming to use on every single product.

Edocrab matched only about 50% of the barcodes I scanned. To be fair, the developer explains that the app is still in beta, so groceries and clothing items may not yet appear in the system.

Edocrab is free from Blackberry App World so there's absolutely no reason not to check it out!

Joe Says: While other countries have enjoyed barcode/cellphone integration for some time, it's still a fairly new phenomenon in the U.S. Hopefully over the next few of years we'll see more cell phone manufacturers and app developers take advantage of the technology!

This is Joe, signing off.


Anonymous said...

Wow I could have used this last week. Went shopping for a point and shoot camera. Discovered 2 that I liked in the major electronics store that I went to...same brand but couldn't figure out what the differences were. I had one specific question which the salesman couldn't answer and it didn't exist in their system...I walked out of the store without the camera....ended up buying one at half the price online...but it wasn't really the one I wanted. This really could have helped me to spend more money in the store : )

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