Sunday, August 16, 2009 Apps for Blackberry (and other smartphones!)

Okay, I'm going to start off by saying that if you have no idea what is, don't even bother reading any further as this is going to go way over your head (however, if you're interested in learning about how truly AWESOME it is, check out my previous post: InSync: Update ALL of Your Social Network Accounts With One Instant Message!).

That said, I made a fun little discovery today - dedicated applications for Blackberry! The mobile applications allow you to update all of your social networks without the need to log into an IM client or visit the mobile web site. Better yet, they offer easy access to your customized lists!

Until today, I had been using via instant message on my Blackberry, which worked fine most of the time - except for when the Ping bot would disappear off of my buddy list. Kind of super annoying. Also, I never utilized's customizable lists as I could never remember the codes associated with each. The mobile app solves these problems.

So far I've played with BlackPing and Pinglet on my 'berry (my preference goes to BlackPing simply because I like the icon better, though I think PingBerry would have been a cooler name... nitpicking, I know I know). Neither app is anything fancy - black text on a white background with a drop down menu and a space for you to input text. They're simple, but do we really need much more? Plus, both apps are FREE and can be downloaded over-the-air!

There are also dedicated apps for Android, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Windows Mobile. Check out the full list on the mobile app page.

Joe Says: While is a great way to update all of your social networks, make sure you aren't having a one-way conversation with your friends and followers. Be sure to log into the actual web sites every once in a while (or receive e-mail alerts) to see if anyone has responded to your witty banter. Remember, a conversation is a two-way street! :)

This is Joe, signing off.


erinliisa said...


Blackberry OS 4.5+ is required. So far it only has basic functionality to post a ping, select a trigger and view recent pings.

I wrote it earlier this year for a friend.

Joe Moran said...

Nice work! :)

Fergus said...

It's a pity that Seesmic took over then shut down

However, we've started to build a replacement service called Composer in case you're interested in checking it out: