Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Screw SMS. Instant Message on Your Blackberry!

Yay! Today, RIM officially released native AIM and ICQ applications for Blackberry phones! That means Blackberry users now have access to all of the most popular instant messaging services. Here's the full list of IM apps now available from RIM:

Why is instant messaging on a Blackberry better than text messaging?

1) If you're not on an unlimited text messaging plan, texting can get expensive as wireless companies keep raising rates. Instant messaging is included in your data plan so there are no added fees.
2) With instant messaging, you have the ability to (easily and quickly) communicate with people using computers and cell phones.
3) The user experience is much quicker and much smoother.
4) It's easier to manage multiple conversations.
5) You have access to your buddy lists (including buddy pictures), account information, and other features only available through your IM service.

Why are RIM's native apps better than 3rd party instant messaging programs?
While there are some quality 3rd party IM apps, the best ones (such as BeeJive) cost $$$. RIM's apps are FREE and made by the same people who made your Blackberry operating system.

You can read more about these applications and download them for FREE at:

Joe Says: Beware of all-in-one IM applications that are offered by your wireless service provider. They often run on text messages, which can rack up your bill if you are not on an unlimited text messaging plan.

This is Joe, signing off.

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