Tuesday, September 16, 2008

InSync: Update ALL of Your Social Network Accounts With One Instant Message!

If you liked the Facebook/Twitter sync, you'll love this. You can update your status on all of your social networks with one instant message through an awesome new service called

Upon signing up for a account, you enter the login information for all of your social networks and add the buddy to your buddy list (supported services include AIM, Yahoo, Google Talk and MSN Messenger). Then, to update your status, you simply send the update in an instant message to your buddy! Done. Quick and easy. Who doesn't like that? ;) For those of you who are instant-messaging-challenged, never fear, you can update your status via email. currently supports over 25 social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Blogger and even Friendster. Up until last week, had been in private beta but it's now officially open to the public so you can sign up today at

This news, coupled with the recent Blackberry IM application launches, makes social networking on your crackberry a breeze!

Joe Says: is a great way to remain active on networking sites that you no longer frequent (ahem Friendster). Why leave your friends on those services out in the cold? They deserve to know what you think of the latest Sarah Palin video just as much as anyone else.

This is Joe, signing off.

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Jill Dearman said...

I am going to do this as soon as I join just one more social networking site ... hint: it's a big one. Joe, if I follow your instructions, will Lance Bass becoming my new bff?--jill