Thursday, September 4, 2008

InSync: Facebook Status and Twitter

In case you haven't noticed (or you've just been in denial), social networking is the biggest thing on the Internet right now - and it's not going anywhere any time soon. The biggest dilemma we face is keeping up with all of it. Even for gadget geeks like moi, the constant microblogging and profile updating and friend requesting can be overwhelming. Until Google unifies the online universe, we're left to our own devices. What many people don't realize is that we actually have the ability to streamline a lot of it on our own. All it takes is a little know-how. Introducing the JoeSaidSo InSync column for all of your streamlining and synchronizing needs.

Twitter Your Facebook Status

Did you know that you can synchronize Twitter with your Facebook status? Check it out...
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Step 1: Sign up for a Twitter account (if you don't already have one).

Step 2: On Facebook, search for the 'Twitter' application and add it to your profile.

Step 3: When prompted, log in to your Twitter account via the Facebook application.

Step 4: Click the "Allow Twitter to Update Your Facebook Status" button.

BAM! Now you can update your Facebook status by Twittering! Unfortunately, it only works in one direction at the moment (you can't update your Twitter status via Facebook), but it's still a great way to kill two birds with one tweet! ...Plus, it's a great excuse for jumping on the Twitter bandwagon if you haven't already done so.

Joe Says: Now you have no excuse not to join Twitter.

This is Joe, signing off.