Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Is Microblogging a Waste of Time? No Way!

If you've ever updated your Facebook status or Twittered, you've taken part in a popular trend known as microblogging. Basically a short form of blogging, microblogging allows you to broadcast a short message (usually no more than 140 characters) to let friends and family know what you're doing. Why the hell would you want people knowing your business? Good question! Here are some ways in which microblogging can be useful:

Save yourself from having the same conversation over and over.
New apartment? Bad breakup? Let's face it, there are times in life where it would just be easier if everyone knew something without you having to tell them. By broadcasting a quick message, you give everyone one a heads up and save a whole lot of breath in the process.

Call to action.
Microblogging is a quick, efficient, and personal way to invite people to attend a fundraiser, donate to a cause, or vote in an online poll.
Wishing well.
Looking for a job? Need help moving? Throw it out there into the online universe. You never know what might come your way. It's worth a shot right? Just don't forget to keep your eyes open for what others are requesting.

Shameless self promotion.
Twitter has played an important role in the online campaign efforts for presidential candidates like Barack Obama. Why not take advantage yourself? Announce an event, show off photos from your vacation (with a link) or share your latest blog post (*ahem* for all of you who discovered this post via my Twitter feed, hehe).

Give and sell.

Have something to sell or donate? Send out a tweet! You never know which of your friends will know someone who knows someone that wants to buy those Celine Dion concert tickets off you. Be sure to include a link to your eBay or online marketplace listing.

Okay, by now you should be sold on microblogging. Now tell everyone about it!

Joe Says: Don't underestimate the power of microblogging. It's more than just telling friends what you are eating for dinner or watching on TV. One little sentence can make a big difference!

This is Joe, signing off.

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