Friday, April 11, 2008

Do You Really Need a Touch Screen Phone?

Without a doubt, the success of Apple's iPhone has sparked an obsession with touch screen gadgets and every major cell phone manufacturer is scrambling to develop its own variant. However, many of these companies have lost sight of the overall user experience. While a touch screen can be fun and intuitive, it also has its shortcomings.

On-screen keyboards can be a pain for frequent emailers and text messagers (myself included). There is just something nice about pressing actual buttons when typing a message. Also, simple tasks suddenly become a hassle with a touch screen. Rather than reaching into your pocket to skip a song or ignore a phone call (during a meeting of course), you're suddenly forced to stop what you're doing, take out the phone, look at it, unlock it and perform the intended function.

There are a bunch of new touch screen phones slated for release this year, but none of them seem to remedy any of the aforementioned problems. While these upcoming phones rely heavily on the gimmicky touch screen to attract customers, they do manage to offer some innovative features.
  • Sprint will be releasing the Samsung Instinct, which features an innovative web browser with "tilt navigation" functionality. Watch a video preview here.
  • AT&T will be getting the LG Vu and Verizon Wireless will be getting the LG Dare. Both phones, which are variants of LG's Prada phone (released overseas), will feature mobile TV Both phones are variants of the LG Prada phone (released overseas). The Vu will feature mobile TV.
  • Nokia recently announced the Tube though no major U.S. cell phone carriers have been linked to it.
Joe Says: When it comes to your mobile phone, always go with functionality over fun. Remember, you'll probably have your phone for a couple of years. You'll want some substance once the fascination with that nifty touch screen wears off :)

This is Joe, signing off.

Source: Gizmodo


My EQ (energy quotient) said...

Joe has a point here. As an Apple enthusiast (since 1985) I eagerly snatched up a i-pod touch screen. Tried to use it at the gym and while running. Simply didn't work. This is related a bit to Joe's phone blog in that tactile use of our gadgets can be very useful. Carrying cases for the i-pod touch cannot leverage the touch feature. I found myself removing the i-pod everytime I wanted to skip a song, crank up the volume, or replay a tune. After two months of trying to make it work, I ditched the touch on e-bay, and picked up a new Nano (same 8 Gb of storage, too!). All is well now in the gym, and on the running path!

Boschii said...

So I am now eligible to upgrade my phone. I have an LG Titanium. I am so close to the iPhone but also like the Android phones from Verizon. I am so conflicted. What's a girl to do?

Joe Moran said...

@Boschii check out this post I did on Android vs. the iPhone. While some of it is not quite as accurate with the release of the iPhone 4, I think it will address most of your concerns!

Yellow Blade said...

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