Thursday, March 20, 2008

Web Hosting Recommendation

I get a lot of people asking me to help them register a domain name or to sign them up with a web hosting plan. It's actually a really simple and fairly inexpensive process (depending on what you want your site to do). Since most of my clients need basic web sites with text and images and maybe a form or two, I often recommend DotEasy (see banner below). Their cheapest web hosting package ($0 Hosting Plan) costs $25 to set up for one year (this includes domain name registration) and no monthly fee whatsoever. Pretty good deal.

DotEasy also has "Ultra Hosting" and "Unlimited Hosting" plans - which are good if you're streaming audio and video clips on your site or if your site gets a LOT of traffic (go you!). Otherwise, $0 hosting should suit you just fine :)

I've been using DotEasy for years and have nothing but positive things to say about them. Consider it if you're looking to start up a web site!

$0 Web Hosting

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mozoella said...

Almost all web hosting service offers unlimited hosting plans, so its not like its a unique feature. By the way, i have never heard of this hosting plan before i think i have to go and check it out...thanks for the post
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